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Wegmans Food Markets Launches “Mix-and-Match Meal Guide”

What Does this Mean for Other Major Chain Stores?

Because of its success, Wegmans Food Markets launches “Mix-and-Match Meal Guide”. Inspired by Meal Planning Method, Wegmans Food Markets made a twist.


Here’s how they arrive with a twist Meal Planning:

“We know most customers aren’t looking for a total meal makeover at home, but many would welcome practical help with meal planning and organizing shopping lists—a chore that many busy families find challenging,” Wegmans nutritionist Kirby Branciforte said in the release.

Beginning with suggesting a few small snacks, the plan progresses through several categories to give buyers meal plans that fulfill the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” as well as the eating principles of a Mediterranean diet. The “Mix-and-Match Meal Guide” is located online, and consumers can purchase the guide directly on the Wegmans website.

“It’s summer, when all of us welcome easy, relaxed routines,” said Branciforte. “We think the ideas in this guide can help families make the most of the season, with everyday meals that are delicious and support good health. Spend less time shopping and prepping, and more time out on the patio.”

For those ready to take meals and snacks to the next level, Branciforte suggests incorporating the basic guidelines found in the guide. “These guidelines are meant to help folks round out and fine tune their pattern of eating,” she says.
Ready for a taste of the kinds of meal ideas the guide offers? Here’s an example of how one day might look if all of your meal and snack ideas came from it:
Breakfast: organic waffles with organic almond butter and berries
Mid-morning snack:  blueberry Greek yogurt parfait
Lunch: Southwest turkey salad
Mid-afternoon snack:  Celery, carrots and hummus
Dinner: grilled bourbon chicken with grilled yams, onions and peppers; organic spring mix
After-dinner snack: fruit cup
For those watching calories, the guide posts the calorie count for each meal and snack idea. But those who just want to enjoy a yummy, wholesome meal without tracking calories can choose any meal or snack idea, knowing that all have sensible portion sizes.


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