The 3 Week Diet

Trim Healthy Mama (THM) No-Cheat Meal Plan

This modern world has offered us countless ways to eat.

At the same time, it has also presented us so many ways to diet. Of course, to live a long and healthy life means making better dietary choices. That’s why it comes as no surprise that more people are getting creative with their weight loss programs.

One of the latest diets to hit the market is Trim Healthy Mama, otherwise known as THM. Its most basic principles are to never include large amounts of both fats and carbs in the same meal and to not eat all day long.

In this diet, categories of food were divided into: Satisfying (S) that include protein and fats, Energizing (E) that include protein and carbs and Fuel Pull (FP) that include low fat and low carb.

Here’s an ideal THM meal plan for the week to get you started.


Breakfast – Trim Healthy Pancakes (E)

Lunch – Holy Grail Pizza with grilled chicken (S)

Dinner – grilled steak with roasted brussel sprouts (S)

Snack – nuts & cheese

Dessert – Oopsie Chocolate Eclairs (S)


Breakfast – bacon & fried eggs (S)

Lunch – Dashing Dish protein shake (most are S or FP)

Dinner – tacos with no shell (S)

Snack – Rich Chocolate Fudge  (S)

Dinner – Baked Apples  (E)


Breakfast – leftover pancakes from Monday (E)

Lunch – Just Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup  

Dinner – chicken breasts and Quinoa with salt and pepper to taste (E)

Snack – 1 apple and Greek Yogurt sweetened with stevia (E)

Dinner – Rich Chocolate Fudge  (S)


Breakfast – overnight oatmeal (E)

Lunch – Cajun Cottage Cheese Salad  (FP)

Dinner – Pearl’s Chili  (S)

Snack – Crunchy Cheese Crackers  (S)

Dessert – Peanut Butter Blizzard (S)


Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs + Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (S)

Lunch – salad with grilled chicken (S)

Dinner – baked chicken thighs and green beans (S)

Snack – nuts and cheese (S)

Dessert – Basic Cheesecake (S)


Breakfast – Peanut Butter Blizzard (S)

Lunch – lunch meat, cream cheese, and dill pickle roll-ups (S)

Dinner – crockpot rice and beans (E)

Snack – Rich Chocolate Fudge (S)

Dessert – Oopsie Roll Eclairs (S)


Breakfast – bacon and fried eggs (S)

Lunch – out – salad with chicken

Dinner – Easy Artichoke Chicken (S)

Snack – Greek yogurt with 1 orange (E)

Dessert – Muffin in a Mug (S)

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