The 3 Week Diet

Snacks For Your Family Road Trip

Simple ideas that are easy and enjoyable for your family



People loves to travel most especially kids. But boredom, hunger, patience and fatigue might occur on them while on the long road. How to avoid those? Try mixing in a container their favorite snacks. Your kids will probably enjoy it!

Let me remind you few tips while on the road:


  1. Bring something everyone likes! With our snack mix, there’s plenty in there that everyone likes and I don’t need to worry about picking out things that Owen can’t have, like other mixes.
  2. Make sure you have wipes and paper towels ready. Gotta clean those messy hands!
  3. Pack individual bags or containers for each person. This is especially helpful for kids!
  4. Don’t forget a trash bag. I prefer some type of food storage bag with a zipper, so I can keep it closed and contained.
  5. Pack drinks in a small cooler to keep them accessible. If you have space, put a larger one in the trunk.
  6. Resist the urge to buy snacks at a convenience store. You can get full-size snacks at the same price if you buy ahead of time at the grocery store.
  7. Be prepared for spills. They’ll happen. Don’t freak out!


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