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A Simple Guide to Monthly Grocery Shopping

Meal planning is the secret to cost-effective and healthy eating.

Whether you live by yourself or nourishing a family of six, it’s really the best way to make the most of every trip you make to the store.

Going grocery shopping a month has taken back a huge chunk of our time. We’ve learned how to buy everything we need during that single trip. Plus, we get to spend our weekends differently now.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started.

  1. It’s all about careful planning

No soldier goes to war unarmed and unprepared. Before you hit the store, have the most comprehensive list possible. From your recipes and ingredients down to how much of each you need, list it down. You’re only going in there once so make it count.

  1. Be strategic with fresh produce

How many times have we watched those green veggies go to waste in the fridge? The next time you buy fresh produce, know how to handle it. Consume the salad stuff first then proceed to eating the fresh green vegetables and the frozen ones, last. This way, you’re not letting anything go to waste. Plus, you incorporate nutritious veggie dishes at least once a day.

  1. Embrace freeze cooking

Grocery shopping once a month means working with ingredients that could expire quickly. That’s why getting into freeze cooking couldn’t be any better. You get to cook the ingredients and preserve their freshness. Furthermore, you will always have meals ready for anyone who’s hungry.

  1. Work with a calendar

Plan your meal and shopping with a blank calendar. Sit with everyone and ask what their personal preferences are. This way, you don’t have to end up cooking something that won’t hit the mark.

  1. Leave your kids at home

We all know how it’s more stressful than rewarding. Ask them what they want from the store and go at it alone or with your partner.


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