The 3 Week Diet

A Short Guide to Meal Planning On a Budget

Food prices are constantly on the rise.

As a result, many families have resorted to poorer eating habits — from eating less to eating junk.
However, tightening our belts shouldn’t equate to sacrificing our health. In fact, there are still ways to eat well without spending too much. Here’s a simple guide to meal planning on a budget.

Go meatless once in a while
Meatless recipes are taking meal planners by storm, and for good reason. They are equally flavorful but cost a lot less. Try out meals like red bean burritos or veggie burgers. Do it right and your family won’t even demand for another slab of bacon for the next few weeks.

Cook once, eat twice
The beauty of certain meals is that they can be eaten more than once. From casseroles to stews, you have plenty of recipes to choose from. The key is to divide your ingredients in order to make a lot more.

Watch out for sale items
Meal planning exists so you have a better shot at saving money. It’s all about knowing which items are currently on sale so you can buy items accordingly. Always be on the lookout for bargains and discounts. That produce may just be slashed down to half a price.

Look for the right recipes
We often spend more when we have zero idea on what we want to cook. Having a go-to list of recipes allows us to eat right and save tons. Check out Food 52, Pinterest, The Kitchn and plenty of other resources for budget-friendly yet tasty meals.

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