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A Short Guide to Make-Ahead Meals

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the time to cook everyday.

In fact, today’s fast-paced world has reduced many to take outs and deliveries. However, this isn’t exactly the healthiest route to take.

Make-ahead meals are a much better option when you’re a busy bee. You’re guaranteed a healthy, fresh meal the next day without ever breaking a sweat.

Do keep in mind there are things to remember when it comes to cooking make-ahead meals. Here are some of them.

This is assuming you have the basic ingredients

Oilve oil, salt, pepper, seasonings, herbs — you got to have those in your pantry right?

Work on these on a weekend

Weekdays will never be as time-friendly as weekends. So take advantage of your Saturday and Sunday prepping the ingredients to your make-ahead meals.

Prep your ingredients in advance

If you’re going to cook some slow cooked pork, you’ll need to cook it ahead of time. Let is sit on your cooker for a good nine hours on a Sunday afternoon. Just before you hit the sack, shred the pork in pieces, ready for a taco or stir-fry.

The same goes with your veggies. You’ll need to slice, dice, roast or boil them ahead of time. When the weekday hits, they’re all ready to go.

It’s all about flow

Never waste time prepping for your make-ahead meals. While the veggies are roasting, cook the rice or your protein. It’s all about finding your flow so no minute goes down the drain in vain.

Try out these recipes

BuzzFeed did a pretty good job letting us in on their easy-peasy make-ahead meals. Check out their site for the complete ingredients and recipes.

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