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A Non Meal Planner’s Guide to Meal Planning

Meal planning varies from one person to the next.

Others could go as tedious as having comprehensive Google Sheets while some, as simple as a weekly grocery list.
If you hate planning, then this post is for you. There still are ways to prepare the tastiest and healthiest of meals without having a fixed plan. It’s a little thing we call the non meal planner’s guide to meal planning.

Do a big grocery trip every six weeks
Our schedules vary. Some can’t commit regular trips to the grocery stores. This often leads to rushing for unhealthy takeaways or skipping meals. The key is to do a big grocery trip every six to eight weeks. Stock up on your pantry items like bags of frozen vegetables, jars of sauces, cans of beans or some pasta. This ensures you that even when you can’t think of a recipe now, you still come home to a plethora of ingredients.

Try freeze cooking
Freeze cooking has revolutionized the way families eat. It ensures them of eating nutritious meals instantly and prevents you from eating bad food. Plus, it’s a great option for when you have last minute guests. So try cooking a bunch of meals during your free time. Freeze them afterwards and be sure to label which is which.

Keep it simple
We get it. Not all of us are into preparing and cooking tedious meals that take a long time. However, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice freshness and flavor, right? So always opt for simple ingredients that are fresh, whole and healthy. Seasonal produce works wonders in this case. Plus, it doesn’t require too many ingredients that would just make you dial Domino’s.

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