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Meal Habit Tips for People Who Work Late Nights

Working nights can mess up your health.

Night shift work disrupts your natural body clock. It will also interrupt your food intake.

Imagine heading out to work at 7PM and clocking out at 5AM. You are able to eat before 7PM, but after the shift you’ll more likely sleep than eat.

Don’t sacrifice your health for wealth. Here are 5 meal habit tips you should follow if you’re working late nights:

  1. Eat with your family

Start your shift with a sit-down meal with your family. According to the Dietitians of Canada, families who eat together actually eat healthier and more well-balanced meals

  1. Eat small portions of high fat, high carb, high sugar foods

Eating large portions of high fat, high carb, high sugar foods will make you feel sleepy and sluggish. Meanwhile, small portions will keep you nourished and alert.

  1. Eat only healthy snacks

Eat fruits during break time. Forgo the usual snicker bar or energy bar. Aside from being nutritious, they also have the right amount of sugar and carb to keep you alert and awake.

  1. Don’t drink too much caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant. It will keep you awake, but having too much may do more harm than good. Drink moderately. Only drink it if it’s absolutely necessary.

  1. Bring a meal prep bag

Nurses, hospital workers, flight attendants, personal trainers, and gym owners all agree that having a meal prep bag keeps them healthy. Planning and preparing for you day ahead always helps. By having a meal planned before your shift, you’re assured that you’ll eat nutritious, well-balanced food during breaks.


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