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Your Guide to Summer Stress-Free Meal Planning

Summer’s here and we’re all feeling hot and lazy.

There’s really something about the scorching heat that makes us want to not do anything. However, the children can’t feed themselves. If they can, we need to make sure they’re eating healthy.
Summer meal planning shouldn’t feels stressful. In fact, we have very easy tips to make this time of the meal planning year extra special.

1. Have theme nights
Let’s face it. It gets pretty darn challenging to come up with meals in this heat. That’s why it’s best to make it easy on your part by coming up with theme nights. Why not have slow cooker meals on Monday and Tuesday? Why not try grille foods enjoyed by the pool over the weekend? Whichever you choose, remember to make it easy by having a singular idea.

2. Keep it simple
As much as we want to slow-roast a whole tenderloin for hours, it’s going to make us feel stressed and annoyed no thanks to this heat. Our trick? We like to keep it simple. From fresh salads to quick frying protein, we like to stick to meals that require little to no effort. Do remember that quick shouldn’t mean instant and unhealthy. You have plenty of options to come up with fast meals that are good for you.

3. Clean out the pantry
Stop letting all those ingredients go to waste. Summer is the perfect time of the year to clean out your pantry and use what’s left. Who knows? This could be a splendid summer recipe waiting to happen!

4. Try these easy recipes
Five Dollar Dinners came up with very simple recipes that won’t break the bank this summer. Fancy cooking one of these?

(2) Cheddar Stuffed BBQ Burgers
(2) Grilled Chicken Fajitas
(2) Italian Sausage Baked Pasta with Spinach
(2) Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwiches
(2) Italian Vegetable Soup
(2) BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

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