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A Guide to Freeze Cooking Like A Pro

If you’re anything like me, you come home after a long day tired and hungry.

What do you do? Get a takeaway or dial for pizza. However, this isn’t exactly the healthiest way to live. In fact, you’re slowly killing yourself with all that bad food.

Since I discovered freeze cooking, I never looked back. It has allowed me to nourish myself with good food that I just need to reheat when I get home.

Want to give it a try? Here are my top tips.

  1. Planning is key

Planning saves time, effort and money. Freeze cooking is all about having your recipes at hand, a cohesive grocery list plus all the other cooking items you’ll need ready to go.

  1. Make them in batches

The main idea of freeze cooking is to get you through days without prepping a meal when you get home. You need to cook in batches so you have enough food to last you for a while.

  1. Go for “cheat” meals

Cheat meals in freeze cooking means learning how to use the same ingredients for different recipes. That’s why it helps to plan your way ahead. It’s going to help you come up with recipes that won’t break the bank. New Leaf Wellness does a pretty good job at frozen crockpot recipes that don’t take a lifetime to cook.

  1. Label everything

Once all your meals are cooked, you would want to know which is which. So be sure to label everything once you’re done. You’ll know exactly what to pick the next time around.


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