The 3 Week Diet

Fail-Proof 14-Day Flat Belly Meal Plan

We all want that a flat belly to feel good about ourselves again.

Plus, it definitely wouldn’t hurt flaunting one on our Instagram photos.

Most of you think it’s impossible to get a flat belly in just 14 days. However, Trimmed and Toned just came up with a fail-proof 14-day flat belly meal plan for all of us to try.

Before the big reveal, here are a few things you need to remember.

  1. You’ll need the finest, freshest ingredients possible. Go for organic/ grass fed options every chance you get. Moreover, replace processed foods with whole food ingredients.
  2. Substitute if there are ingredients that you don’t like or allergic to. If you don’t fancy shrimp or can’t eat it, simply replace it with another lean protein.
  3. Drink a TON of water! You’ll need your body to process all the food the best way possible. Aiming for two liters a day will do the trick.
  4. Consult a medical professional or dietician before you undergo this 14-day meal plan. The last thing you want is becoming unhealthy in the process.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s the 14-day flat belly plan you’ve been dreaming of.

Day 1:

Breakfast (B): Veggie packed frittata

Lunch (L); Easy burritos

Dinner (D): Southwestern stuffed spaghetti squash

Snack (Sn): Faux cream

Day 2:

B: Overnight oats

L: Lettuce wraps

D: Salmon and asparagus

Sn: Fruit and veggie chips

Day 3:

B: Super toast

L: A Better PBJ

D: Turkey burgers

Sn: Homemade trail mix

Day 4:

B: Green smoothie

L: Bento box

D: Steak kabobs

Sn: Fruit dippers

Day 5:

B: Savory breakfast bowl

L: Tuna stuffed avocado

D: Loaded Greek salad

Sn: Dark chocolate delight

Day 6:

B: Power parfait

L: Greek salad pita

D: Cauliflower stir fry

Sn: Better banana split

Day 7:

B: Pumpkin oatmeal

L: Quick quesadilla

D: Quinoa bake

Sn: Granola protein bites

Day 8:

B: Banana pancake

L: Salad in a jar

D: Taco night

Sn: Fruit pizza

Day 9:

B: Egg cups

L: Burrito bowls

D: Stuffed bell peppers

Sn: Hummus and raw veggies

Day 10:

B: “Better than cereal” cereal

L: Chicken salad

D: Sweet potato crusted quiche

Sn: Homemade protein bar

Day 11:

B: Leftover quiche

L: Cucumber stackers

D: Super food soup

Sn: Flourless muffin

Day 12:

B: Almond flour muffin

L: Soup “to go”

D: Portabella pizzas

Sn: Kale chips and salsa

Day 13:

B: Very berry smoothie

L: Deli meat pizza

D: Fish in parchment

Sn: Brown rice cake, peanut butter and honey

Day 14:

B: Sweet breakfast bowl

L: Loaded sweet potato

D: Shrimp and zoodles

Sn: Black bean brownies

Get the full ingredients on their website. After this meal plan, you’ll never want to go back to your old eating habits ever again!


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