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Extraordinary Lunch Ideas for Work

5 Lunch Ideas That Are Beyond Simple

The best way to save money is to bring your own meal at work. This is practical nowadays especially to those who are into saving money. One of every mother’s role is to prepare her husband and children meals to work and school. Their schedule are usually whole day and does not capable to return home just to eat their Lunch so the what’s the best way? Bring them their meal. Thus, this will save you money and effort from them.

Below are some of the Lunch Ideas that you can bring at work:

Cheese & avocado sandwich
I prefer cheddar cheese with avocado on some kind of multi-grain bread (mayo and lettuce optional), but you can use any cheese you’d like. If you can’t make this in advance, just store the ingredients in your work fridge and make the sandwich there. (Adding meat is optional, but you’d be surprised at how tasty this sandwich is without it!)

Multi-cheese sandwich
Years ago, I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich at a café, not realizing it would not just have cheddar cheese—but also Swiss, Havarti, and feta! (If you’ve never had feta cheese in a sandwich, go try it right now! Your life will never be the same!) The café also added cucumbers and tomatoes to the sandwich, making for the best grilled cheese ever. Soon, I started to emulate it, without the grilling and varying the cheese selections and fillings, as well (like adding green apples or figs). You can, too!

Who doesn’t love BLTs? People think these have to be warm, or eaten right after the bacon is fried, but not true! You can fry the bacon the night before, then assemble the sandwich in the morning before work or once you’re there. I like to eat this cold, but you can heat it up (if you insist). You can also add avocado, alfalfa sprouts, and whatever else you can fit between the bread.

Egg salad
As a salad on your favorite lettuce (try something new, like butter—yum!) or between slices of bread, there are several ways to spice up egg salad. You can do so with actual spices or with creative additions, like chopped celery, dill, you name it.

Pasta salad
Remember that spaghetti dish you love, with olive oil, tomatoes, and chicken sausage? Well, make some one night and bring it to work in the next day or two. The sauce will have soaked into the pasta more by then and will taste delicious cold (especially in this summer heat!).

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