The 3 Week Diet

Brilliant Meal Planning Ideas for a Healthy Week

Keep You Diet on Track with These Simple Ideas

If you are like most people, you find it difficult to prepare meals during the workweek. The following article suggests preparing a weeks worth of meals ahead of time. There is definitely an art to this and finding the right balance depends on the individual.

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About a year and a half ago, he switched his eating habits and began posting photos of a week’s worth of lunches and dinners (two recipes cooked in 5 portions each) to his Instagram account. His tasty, affordable recipes began receiving attention from others trying to eat healthy, so he launched his website and a new Instagram account dedicated to meal prep last month. We tapped Peters for his top tips on getting started with meal prepping and batch cooking, plus the 4 recipes you’ll need to create a week of (delicious!) dinners. (Share your own meal prep photos with these 9 Ways to Take Better Food Photos on Instagram.)

Start Small
Getting into a new routine of prepping all your meals ahead can take time to take some getting used to. Peters suggests starting with a few days’ worth of meals at a time, then slowly building up to making a whole week of meals in one session. “If you try to do a week all at once in the beginning, you will get discouraged and it will be messy,” he warns. Planning ahead also helps to make meal prep a sustainable healthy habit.

Break It Up
To stave off boredom, freeze one or two meals each time you make a new recipe so you can swap in something different throughout the week. If you’re freezing, cook foods that have a low water content. You can also add different sauces to a meal to change the flavor, or plan to eat out one night that week to give your taste buds a refresh.

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