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How to Be the Best Meal Planning Mama You Know

Meal planning has made the lives of countless families easier.

Whether you’re feeding one, two, ten children, the joy of meal planning knows no bounds — and doesn’t burn deep in the pocket too!

If you’re only getting into meal planning now, don’t fret. We’ve got fail-proof tips for you to become the best meal planning mama (or papa) you know.

  1. Check what you already have

Before you make a list, evaluate what you already have. Surely, there are some items and ingredients you have left from previous trips to the store. This will inspire your next meals and prevent you from overspending or wasting anything.

  1. Sit down with your family

The last thing you want is no one appreciating what you cooked. Nowadays, we can’t afford any wasted food or excessive leftovers. So it’s always best to sit down and talk to your family. Find out what everyone’s needs and desires are. Take note of any allergies or particular dietary restrictions while you’re at it.

  1. Make your list simple and basic

It can get pretty overwhelming when you plan the wrong way. When your list becomes too detailed, the trip to a store becomes more frustrating than therapeutic. The trick is to keep your list simple. You may have a more comprehensive recipe guide somewhere else but what you’re bringing to the store should be basic.

  1. Use the two-column guide

Another way to make meal planning simple is reducing your list two columns. The left one dedicated to the day/date while the right, your meal. This way, it’s easier to remember ingredients and not leave out anything behind.


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