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Beginner’s Overview Guide to Creating a Meal Plan

Did you know that you can save $120 per week simply by creating a meal plan?

Most, if not all, often choose to neglect how much money they spend on food. Even I’m guilty of this. We dine out and cook food without thinking about the future. How about the fruit that’s about to get rotten? Or the spices that won’t be viable in the next few days? We never think of these.

Meal plans aren’t only for people who want to be healthy. It’s also for people who want to cut down costs and save money.

With a meal plan, you can reduce monthly spending by $120 a week for 21 meals. If you prefer to eat out every day, you’d save $400 per week.

Here’s an overview on how to create meal plan

  1. Grab a calendar sheet and post it where you can easily it.
  2. Look at your week schedule
  3. Mark meals that will be difficult to prepare for
  4. Have a list of items you’d need to create meals
  5. Make sure that meals that need fresh ingredients are eaten in the beginning of the week.


What should you include in your meal plans?

  1. 15 minute meals

These meals are best for people who are busy. 15 minute meals utilize convenience store foods to create ultra-fast, easy dinners.

These aren’t the healthiest food. However, it is quick, easy, and will save you money.

Examples: Chicken parmesan pasta, Greek salad, and pizza bagels

  1. Slow cooker Meals

Slow cooker meals are great for people who have nowhere to go during the day, but are too lazy to make dinner.

As the name suggests, slow cooker meals use slow cooker to cook dinner slowly. In about 8 hours you can cook. You can also warm them for an additional 2 hours.

These can be comfort food as they are quite delicious. You can find a lot of ingredients for these on Pinterest

Examples: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwhices, Beef stew, and Salisbury steak

  1. Plan to eat out

Eating out is not bad. There are instances that it makes more sense to eat out. For example, eating out with friends or an unexpected over time.

The real problem is mindlessly eating out. If you’re planning to eat out, plan that out with your meal plan.


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