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5 Tips For Beginner Meal Planners

Meal plans can help you live a happier, organized, and healthier life.

You won’t be as stressed preparing food. You’ll also have more time; which you can devote to exercising, spending time with your family or simply relax.

But we have to tell you this: meal planning is a daunting task. Planning isn’t the hard part. In fact, it’s the easiest. The hard part is executing and sticking to your plans.

Here are some meal planning tips you should know before you start.

1. Look at your week
The whole point of meal planning is to make your life easier. Check your schedules and see which days are the most convenient and the busiest for you. For the busy days, schedule only simple recipes. Preferably slow cooker meals. For the convenient ones, you can schedule meals that need more preparation.

2. Use familiar recipes
Only use recipes you are familiar with. Let yourself be comfortable with the whole process first. Learning menu planning takes focus. And that might be taken away once you are overwhelmed with new recipes.

3. Keep Your Meal Plan Simple
Don’t over-complicate your planning. There is no need for thick binders, color coded charts, DIY menu boards and other organization “must haves.” Having pen and paper is enough.

4. Write it out and stick it to somewhere visible
Get a pen and a piece of paper. Write down your meal plan and stick it somewhere you can always see it. This will not only make it easy for you to find. But it will also keep you accountable.

5. Prepare ahead of time
There will be times where you finish ahead of your schedule. You’ll have 5 or so minutes to spare. Don’t waste it going online and find new recipes. Instead, prepare for the next meal. Your future self will certainly be thankful for that.

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