The 3 Week Diet

4 Steps to a Healthy & Cheap Weekly Meal Plan

Eating healthy shouldn’t always be expensive.

In fact, there are tons of good food that won’t cost you much if you know how to strategize. That’s why meal planning has increased in popularity over the years. It helps people come up with nutritious meals that are easy on the pocket.

Here’s how you can come up with best meal plan every time.

1. Check your pantry
See what you have in your pantry before shopping. This gives you a better idea on working with leftovers, what ingredients need to be used soon, and so forth. This way, you minimize food wastage.

2. Be inspired by recipes
Good, cheap food comes in a plethora of recipes. There are tons of resources out there that will constantly inspire you to cook better. So be inspired by them. Whip up the good ol’ classics and don’t hesitate to try new ones.

3. Have a family meeting
If you live with people, it’s essential to communicate. Personal preferences vary and there may be diet restrictions you need to take note of. Just before you head to the grocery, get everyone’s input. What do they like? Which meals would they want to eat again? Are there any foreseeable aversions?

4. Make a list
Lists save you from unnecessary spending. It also helps you remember which ingredients you need to buy. So swear by making one every chance you get. Should you feel like bringing your kids along, don’t. You may end up going way over budget. Plus, you’re bound to buy a ton of unhealthy items.

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