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4 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste

World Food USA said that “about one-third of all food produced worldwide, worth around US$1 trillion, gets lost or wasted in food production and consumption systems.”

That’s a big bulk of food wasted every year.
The good news is there are very simple ways to prevent food wastage starting at home. Here’s how.

Know thyself
Not everyone has the luxury (or ability) to cook meals every single day. If you have an erratic schedule or know you’re no good with bulk ingredients, then plan around it. Go for healthy pre-cooked meals or pre-chopped ingredients. This way, you ‘re not letting all those food get mushy in the fridge.

Plan your meals
Meal planning has helped fight food wastage for a long time now. It’s effectively made families strategize what to buy, what to cook and how to waste less. So get on the bandwagon. Know what you intend to cook before heading to the store. Better yet, plan a month’s worth of meals if you can. You can always come up with delectable meals you can freeze.

Store items properly
Food storage varies from one kind to the next. For example, putting your vegetables and fruits in a brown paper bag instead of a plastic bag will lengthen their shelf lives. Little things like this you can learn online. So get going and research on how to store foods properly.

Keep an inventory
Being tedious in the kitchen is more helpful than stressful. It allows you to maximize your ingredients, prevent wastage and save up a ton of money. Our personal favorite? Keeping an inventory of our food items. This way, we will always be on top of everything.


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