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4 Simple Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning

Cooking for yourself or your family isn’t always an easy task.

That’s why there’s such a thing called meal planning. It’s anything you do before you start cooking breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner.

I believe there’s a certain art to meal planning, particularly if you’re prepping for an entire week. If you need help, here are very simple tips for better weekly meal planning.

  1. Know what everyone’s preferences are

If you live with people, the last thing you want is cooking something they wouldn’t enjoy. It’s always best to take into account what they like as well before shopping for ingredients. After all, a meal is like a gift. You want the person you’re cooking for to love it.

  1. Research for recipes

There are tons, tons of websites and books you can check out for delicious recipes. The best part is that many of these meals aren’t at all complicated. Invest some time researching for these recipes. Pinterest, Food 52 and Epicurious are three of our favorite platforms to look at.

  1. Have theme nights

Since you are prepping for a week’s worth of meals, it’s great to have theme nights. It not only makes it easy for you to come up with recipes. You also get to satisfy everyone’s cravings. It’s a win-win altogether!

  1. Check what’s on sale

Nowadays, you have to be smarter with spending. However, that doesn’t mean compromising the quality of food you cook. Try checking out what’s on sale in your store and work from there. Most of these items are whole and fresh foods that will certainly nourish the entire household


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