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4 Easy Peasy Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator

The refrigerator is your gatekeeper to freshness, taste and safety.

It houses majority of your food and beverages. This means it needs to be constantly clean and organized.

Most of us tend to make the mistake of overstuffing our fridge that we can’t remember what’s in it. That’s why today, we’re going to help you organize it. That way, you save money and ensure you’re eating fresh.

1. Deep-clean your fridge
Deep-cleaning means removing all the shelves of the refrigerator and its contents. Once you’ve stripped it down, it’s time to wipe every bit of it. Scrub any stains off with a soft sponge and a vinegar-baking soda mixture. Let it dry naturally before putting everything back.

2. Sort through the contents
It’s very important that you clean out the contents of your fridge from time to time. Many would give up to a week for refrigerated meals to stay in there. Anything longer than that makes you prone to poisoning. Check the expiration dates of all the items you have in there. You wouldn’t want to make anyone sick in the household do you?

3. Create food zones
The refrigerator can be a maze if poorly kept. Coming up with ways to better organize it makes it a breeze to go through. Food zones ensure everyone’s putting the right food in the right spot. Plus, it makes everything a lot easier to find. So label the shelves and use reusable zip-lock bags.

4. Plan your next clean
Cleaning is a good habit to form. Even when it comes to your fridge, you need to be committed to organizing it every now and then. So mark the date on your calendar for your next cleaning schedule. Pro tip: It’s best to align it with the garbage collection in your area.


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