The 3 Week Diet

Easy Peasy….30 Day Meal Plan

5 Simple Steps to Get on Track – #4 Will Save You Hours!

Today, there are diverse method to practice Meal Planning. This is to help mother’s and practical people to help them save more money in terms of foodstuff without sacrificing its necessary nutrients needed by the body.

Below are the 4 steps to give way to our 3o Days Meal Planning:


Go thru your recipes and pick out your favorite meals. It really is that easy. I keep this in mind when I am making my calendar.


Mark off any events, i.e. vacation an, days the hubs is off and events where we won’t be eating dinner at home.  This may not apply to everyone but I also mark off ‘fend for ourselves’ days and these are days when my son is at his dads house and the husband is working nights.  ‘Fend for ourselves’ nights are when the girls and I either have a frozen pizza night, breakfast for dinner night or some other idea we come up with.

Mother and Children Cooking Family Meal



The fun part, making your grocery list.  After my first month of meal planning I kept a ‘master grocery list’ that I go off of, but for first timers it can easily be done.  First, I start with the first day’s recipe, i.e. deconstructed pot pie, and see how many times we are having it in the month -three times- then I write the ingredients needed and put three tally marks.  I add tally’s for any additional recipe that calls for those same ingredients or add the new ingredients to the list.


A little extra information…

I may try assigning different types of food for each day next month, i.e. Tuesday- Mexican food, Wednesday- pasta, Friday- eat out when I make Septembers meal plan, just an idea!

If I am not feeling what’s on the meal plan I just trade it with something later in the week.  This way I am not wasting a meal, just switching things around a little.

If you haven’t tried meal planning, I definitely recommend it to make your life just a little easier!


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