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3 Creative Star-Wars-Inspired Lunch Boxes By The ‘Lunchbox Dad’

The ‘Lunchbox Dad’ does it again.

Beau Coffron never ceases to make us ‘wow’ with his creativity. He wasn’t trained as an artist, nor did he study in any Culinary School.

Beau is a married dad with three kids living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His day job is working with high school students. Despite having a full time job, he still has the time to prepare creative lunch boxes.

Lunch boxes like these:


and this….


Who wouldn’t want to eat these, right?

Beau started when his daughter was still in kindergarten. He wanted to show how much she loved her. He also wanted to encourage her to eat healthy and love nutritious food choices. That’s why most of the creative bento lunch boxes were likened after things she loved — flowers, ponies, TV shows, princesses, cartoons and music groups.

To this day, the Lunchbox dad still does his thing. He was featured in, The Huffington Post,, and in People Magazine.

You can see more of his creative recipes on his website,


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